Shrivasta is an association created by a Nepalese and four Belgians motivated in a common goal of providing financial and material support to the Nepalese youth.

Its activity is mainly based on the sponsorship of young people leaving the orphanage so they can access higher education.

The proximity of Catherine and Badri with Nepal create a real bridge with Belgium.

If you also want to get closer to Nepal, it is over here ...

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"Shrivasta" is the name of a Buddhist symbol representing an unlimited knot.

It represents the interdependence of everything, which is a very important notion in Tibetan Buddhism, as far as all the phenomena’s are considered connected and interdependent.

We found that this image was representative of what we want to concretize with the asbl.
We would like to be a bridge between Belgium and Nepal.

The actions which we shall lead here in Belgium, so small they are, will have an enormous impact on the life of the teenagers in Nepal.
Your actions will make a difference.
Together we can change the life of people living on the other side of the world.